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We’ve always wanted to start something and build it from the ground up! As everyone knows, times are tough with the price of oil being so low. For us that means scary times for our family because I work in the Oil & Gas industry. Farmington, NM is an Oil & Gas town, so these times are rough for most in the area. Like a lot of people we’ve had to cut back on a lot and start making homemade items to fit into our budget. So my wife Nicole made some beard oil for me. She researched a lot of different oils and their benefits and came up with a concoction of her own.
It was a trial and error time for a little bit, (especially our butter) but we came up something that worked and was solid.

Greg and Nicole Forse showcasing their product!

Greg and Nicole Forse showcasing their product!

In November 2015 we were able to skip our truck loan. That is what allowed us to start up (told y’all times are tough for an oil and gas fella when a bucket of chicken costs more than a barrel of oil!!) We took a little bit of this money and made a couple bottles. I loved it!! Luckily I had been using quality beard oil before funds got low, so I knew what good beard oil and balms should be. It was such a remarkable oil that I just had to share with my bearded friends. After my bearded brother, that’s a barber, tried it he showed it to his manager (he picked up what we were laying down). He told my bearded brother he wanted to carry some in the shop. Honestly we were just so happy with the product that we were just wanting to help others with a beard. We didn’t even imagine making money until obviously it was requested. We were immediately ecstatic and our ambition and drive took off.

We took a little more of our money and invested in bottles, labels, oils, etc. We sold of out our first small amount of bottles we did in less than 3 days!! We couldn’t believe it!! The owner of Main Barber II in Farmington, NM decided to carry our products at all of his shops. We went on to purchase our next batch of bottles and sold out of those in less than a month! So now here we are on our 3rd purchase of bottles and more oil, building a website and selling our brand to other barber shops and trying to get our name out there.

I feel an aggressive ambitious approach is needed to build a business that I’m truthfully nervous about growing so big it’s scary. Who knows it might not, but this ole boy will not give up or in! Although it may sound like this business was easy to start it wasn’t. It takes, ambition, hard work, consistency and what I feel is more important is not being greedy. We actually want to help people out by selling top quality products for a competitive and affordable price! We believe we will make our money in actually giving a shit about folks.

So keep an eye out! We intend to be a one stop shop and get our prices even lower. We pride ourselves on having All Natural, Handcrafted and quality beard oil and other beard products. We want to help others grow wicked beards at an affordable price with the best quality products. The Forse’s want to be a part of your beards journey. Good luck, be patient and don’t give up! LET IT GROW!!!!!

Greg and Nicole Forse


Special Thanks to:

  • Jesse Rogers
  • Fernando “Romo” Jr.
  • Main Barber Shop II (Regan Tafoya)
  • Sean Amalla
  • Death By Design (Jed Childers)


If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
-Milton Berle

When one door closes another opens….because that’s how doors work.
–Anonymous (the ones in the masks)

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